Welcome to JannieJoy.com, official website of Jan Morris. (Caution: If you Google my name, you’ll read all about the well-known trans-gendered author from the UK who is, I’m sure, also wonderful, but who is not me.)
Sometimes I am asked, “What does it feel like when you are in that state of receiving?” It feels like a mild tingling of Love softly swirling around and through the torso, head, and arms.

Do certain songs evoke that feeling in you? or photographs of loved ones? or beautiful scenery; a breathtaking sunset or sunrise? ¬†We’ve all felt the presence of Love when we are lifted out of the routine and the mundane. It is in that state of feeling that we should ask our heartfelt questions and then listen with open attendance to our answers. Try it and see!

Please read the testimonials if you are having doubts. Or check out the readings under Blog Archives and Spirit Speak to see what has come through for me.